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Our core platform was built to be robust enough for Enterprises to manage a large network of Vendors, yet versatile enough for Business Owners to use it for any of their business record keeping needs.





ProfileGorilla's powerful suite of Network Management tools can give you both a competitive advantage and eliminate some headaches across four main areas:

  • Initial Collection - Vendor's complete and maintain their own records, eliminating the data entry and document processing efforts your business is doing now.   

  • Organizing and Storing - Vendor record design is tailored to each client to ensure that 100% of what each client needs to collect, the system collects.   

  • Locating and Reporting - The system allows each client to apply as many custom category filters on their Vendor records, as well as, a robust Advanced Search Tool with options like Zip Code Radius lookup, makes finding the Vendor you are looking for a breeze.

  • On-going Maintenance - Automated Reminders to your Vendors when critical credentials like Insurance Policies, Licenses, Certifications, Contracts, Background Checks are about to expire and need to be updated save you time and money.  Our Custom Reporting engine makes getting data across your Network very easy.

For small/medium sized business clients, the same platform that allows us to tailor Vendor Records to every single client, also allows us to create business record templates to simplify some of the common administrative headaches you might be facing:

  • Simplified Vendor / Sub-Contractor Management (1099)

  • Credentials and Compliance Tracking

  • Tracking Clients/Contracts and new Leads (CRM)

  • W2 and 1099 Record Management (HR)

  • Gaining a competitive advantage, see below:

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