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A little about why we started ProfileGorilla

We too often see businesses stuck using software that only allows them to store their documents. The companies that build that software think they are meeting your needs. The truth… your business is more than just documents. It's also supply chain contact information, license and certification information, checklists, notes, expiration and other important dates, demographic information, services and territories and a whole lot more.

Our mission is to provide you with a real software solution, which you can utilize to securely store, track, and manage critical business information and documents for all your business needs. One that is both inexpensive and easy to implement. At your option, you can also connect online with staff and other external business partners (like Vendors and Customers) to share, maintain, and exchange administrative and transactional data.

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Ed Baldwin
President and Founder

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We are ProfileGorilla

ProfileGorilla was founded in 2012 by Ed Baldwin, who earlier held senior technical and operations positions in the education, defense, and insurance industries. In each of these industries, Ed experienced firsthand the difficulty of collecting, storing, tracking, and managing large amounts of data and documents related to suppliers, licenses, contracts, certifications, and more. Manual efforts consumed excessive resources at considerable cost, and the lack of an automated and reliable management solution presented significant risk. Comprehensive enterprise-level solutions such as ERP and CRM systems are far too expensive for many companies, and beyond the reach of small-to-medium size companies. Building internal systems at each company proved expensive and took months (and even years) to develop, test, and implement. Ongoing maintenance consumed additional resources.

Convinced by his own experience that a market existed for a robust, reasonably priced, and easily implemented SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution, Ed founded ProfileGorilla.

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