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ProfileGorilla provides solutions for all industries. Service providers, manufacturers, retail businesses, non-profits and others are streamlining how they manage information with ProfileGorilla, making their businesses run faster, easier, and more profitable!

Industry Solutions

See how some different industries are using ProfileGorilla below. Click on an Industry to see more information.

  • Accounting Accounting


    No more trying to collect tax information from your Customers through Mail, E-Mail, Fax, or in person handoffs.

    • Collect all your Customers Documents online through ProfileGorilla.
    • Automated Reminders alert you and your Customer on Important Due Dates.
    • Store Historical records of your Customer's Information in profiles they can view.
  • Associations Associations


    Associations, Non-Profits, Religious Organizations, and Athletic Clubs use ProfileGorilla to help you organize and store contact information, association dues, donations, commitments, internal ID numbers or details related to member profiles.

    • Store and Track information on members, assets, projects, and even events.
    • Automated Reminders alert you and your members on Important Dates.
    • No more spreadsheets and computer crashes losing your information.
  • Construction Construction


    Large Commercial Contractors and Small General Contractors use ProfileGorilla to collect and store information on their business and their sub-contractors such as contact data, Tax ID #'s, licenses, insurance certificates, Service Level Agreements, pricing and background checks and even photographs.

    • Store and Track information on contractors, assets, bids, and even jobs.
    • Automated Reminders help keep you and your team compliant.
    • Access your information from the job site.
  • Franchise Organizations Franchise Organizations

    Franchise Organizations

    Franchise organizations collect, store and maintain a significant amount of information on their locations such as contact information, legal documents, Tax ID numbers, financials, contracts and confidentiality agreements, insurance certificates, policy guidelines and pricing sheets using ProfileGorilla.

    • Can be used by both the Franchisor and Franchisee.
    • A low cost Franchise Management Solution.
    • Dealer Networks can use it too as a Business Management Tool for their Dealers.
  • Government Government


    Government entities love ProfileGorilla due to its cost being below most employees purchasing threshold helping them take advantage of ProfileGorilla's solutions fast and easy.

    • Manage Vendors, Contracts, Projects, anything you need in one system.
    • 256 Encryption keeps your information secure.
    • Customize to your specific needs easily and quickly.
  • Insurance Insurance


    ProfileGorilla has a major presence in the Insurance Industry being used to manage Adjusters, Contractors and Contractor Networks, Agents, as well as utilizing our Credentialing Services to perform background checks and data collection.

    • Your Vendors can "Self-Maintain" their own information for you.
    • 256 Encryption keeps your information secure.
    • Automated Reminders to help keep Credentials and Contracts Current.
  • Property Management Property Management

    Property Management

    ProfileGorilla is being used not only to manage Real Estate Assets, but also the Vendors that service them.

    • Access your Property and Vendor Information from anywhere.
    • Store Tax ID #'s, licenses, insurance certificates and SLAs.
    • Automated Reminders to alert you to Expiration and Important Dates.
  • TPAs / Vendor Networks TPAs / Vendor Networks

    TPAs / Vendor Networks

    TPAs are using ProfileGorilla to track, document and store all administrative and contractual obligations on their contractors. Their network providers use PG to login and enter all of their information and attach insurance certificates, W-9's, Tax ID #'s, contact lists, contracts, price lists, confidentiality agreements and anything else you want to track.

    • Attach and share performance reports, photographs and surveys.
    • Store Tax ID #'s, licenses, insurance certificates and SLAs.
    • Automated Reminders to alert you to Expiration and Important Dates

Business Solutions

See how some different industries are using ProfileGorilla below. Click on an Industry to see more information.

  • Reminders Reminders


    Reminders allow you to schedule tasks and set up automatic notifications when things expire or need to get completed.

    • Set Expiration Dates on Documents like Insurance Certificates, Licenses, Contracts, etc.
    • Automated Reminders alert you of important dates or upcoming Expirations
    • Set Reminders to alert others of when they need to update information
  • Contract Management Contract Management

    Contract Management

    ProfileGorilla can help you keep track of when your Contracts Expire, who/what the Contracts are for, and Collaboration Tools for keeping all Contract Parties up-to-date.

    • Reminders help you keep track of when Contracts Expire.
    • Share Contract Documents with all Parties Involved.
    • Quick Tags help you keep track of all Contracts quickly.
  • Vendor Management Vendor Management

    Vendor Management

    ProfileGorilla allows your Vendors to "Self-Manage" their own information in ProfileGorilla, saving you the time and expense of having to do the data entry yourself.

    • Vendors can "Self-Manage" their own information.
    • Automated Reminders alert your Vendors when things are due.
    • Collect and Share W9s, Insurance Certificates, Agreements, and More.
  • Document Management Document Management

    Document Management

    Manage all of your Business' Documents, as well as your Supply Chain's, all in one System.

    • Advanced Expiration Date and Reminders keep you up-to-date.
    • Document Sharing and Collection keep everything online.
    • 256 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption keeps your documents secure.
  • HR Management HR Management

    HR Management

    Keep track of all of your staff and contractor records in ProfileGorilla with unlimited Profile Template Customization options.

    • State-of-the-Art Permissions ensure your records are protected.
    • Custom Profile Templates help you capture all of the information you need.
    • Reminders alert you to important HR-related dates.
  • Asset Management Asset Management

    Asset Management

    ProfileGorilla is perfect for Businesses that need to keep track of Assets, important documents and information on them, personnel who use them, and even Vendors that maintain them.

    • Custom Profile Templates help you capture all of the information you need, regardless of Asset Type.
    • Store Asset Information, who uses and maintains the Asset all in one place.
    • Reminders alert you to Maintenance Schedules.
  • Credentialing Credentialing


    ProfileGorilla's Credentialing Team can perform Qualitative Analysis and Review of submitted Credentials based on the Customer's Standards and Industry Best Practices.

    • Our "PG Verified" Certification gives you and your Customers the highest level of Confidence.
    • We can perform Verification Checks at both the Company and Personnel Levels.
    • Often at a fraction at what it costs to do the Credentialing Internally.
  • Records Management Records Management

    Records Management

    Store any type of record in ProfileGorilla. Profile types can be created for Businesses, Assets, and Personnel. You can use our Custom Profile Template functionality for unlimited record types, such as Projects, Bids, Contracts, Quotes, Jobs, Accounting, Teams, and more.

    • Data Import and Exporting Tools for rapid implementation and reporting.
    • Reminders to alert you on important dates in your records.
    • Advanced Tagging, Categorization, and Searches to find your information fast.

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